Thursday, September 10, 2015

First Week in the CCM

Sept.10, 2015

Hello dear family and friends!

What an amazing week it has been at the CCM here in Mexico! 
I miss you all, and have loved being able to read your emails.

It is such a great place to be , and the campus is absoultely beautiful here. There are green parrots that live in all of the palm trees here, and so its always fun when we have class outside. 
We began teaching a practice investagator on Friday (two days after we arrived) and for those of you who dont know, my first spanish class in my entire life was on Thursday. Talk about a humbiling experience!! I have been able to truly rely on the Lord here at the MTC. We were able to listen to a devotional given a couple years ago at the Provo MTC by Elder Scott. Its simply amazing and it has made my prayers so much more earnest and meaningful. 

My Spanish is no good, but I know that through the power of faith and prayer, I will be able to bring the spirit when I teach. My companion is great, and really helps me day by day. My district is awesome too, there are only six of us! Elder Skinner, Dennette Charlton´s nephew is in my district too!! Small world. 
Well, I miss ya, but I am loving the good times and the bad here at the CCM. I cant wait to get out into the feild, because I already love the people. 

All my Love, 

Hermana Beardall