Monday, January 16, 2017


I am doing so good, we had a great week!  Last night, with transfers coming up this week, I got a call and I am being transferred tomorrow!  I was really surprised because I thought for sure I would finish up here, but I am going  to TEPEJI DEL RIO, in Hildago, this is where I will end my mission.:(

Honestly, I am a little sad because I really love it here! But, it will be good not to be in a comfort zone.  There are just so many people here that I love. The bishop’s family is my very favorite and I love them lots. I think that when we come back to visit they will be our tour guides. I LOVE THEM. So I am sad because I love love it here.

I really think that it will be good. Really today I just feel so grateful for everything. I love the missionaries that I serve with. I love our mission, and I love my ward.

I also feel so much peace today because I know that I have worked really hard for my entire mission. And the new area is like a commercial area and they say that the people there are really receptive and it is a cool area. It is about like 30 away from Conejos, where I was earlier in the mission.

Buying street tacos with the brand new sisters!!
But the great thing is THAT MY COMPANION IS AMERICAN!!  My very first of the entire mission!!  Her name is Sister Rivera. She is from Idaho. She is cute and I am excited to be ending the mission on a high note. I have met her in the leadership conferences that we have every month. She is sweet, and she is going to end the mission two transfers. But I am sure that everything is going to be awesome there. It is only hard to get pulled out of the comfort zone sometimes. But I am really excited. I want to work super hard and I am going to do it!

Also, today we got to pick some newbies sisters from the offices. They are just brand new form the CCM here in Mexico City.  I don’t know if you guys remember my first p-day in the field I went out with some sisters, but today we got to pick some new ones up! It always blows me away to see the great difference and the progress I have made. Today we were going back to our area in public transport, and the sisters were like super scared. They don’t know how to use pesos, and they are fascinated with the street bread we bought them:).  It was a lot of fun, I love my time here!!

I am really ready to just hit the ground running, what a great opportunity to start fresh in a new area with just one transfer left!!