Monday, November 7, 2016

Another dog bite....

SORRY! I am on super late getting on today cause my companion was bit by the same dog as I was today!!!!!  It was such a show and not a good show, she ended up needing to go to the hospital. :( It was the same dog and everything! It has made my love for canines largely diminish. Her hand looks a lot like mine when he bit me but also she kicked him when he stared biting her and so he bit her stomach. It was a pretty intense battle scene, for sure, and I did feel badly. Sticken Street dogs, they are seriously horrible!

So to say the least, we have had quite the day we also received some really sad news, which is that President Titensor will not be coming back to the mission. They detected more cancer than that was thought at first in Sister Titensor, and so they are going to be moving back to Utah for treatment. I am super sad for that because I really love them lots. They have both been a great help and support for me in the mission. It was super sad when we read his letter to us in the leadership council. But I know that everything happens for a reason. It is something that actually makes me feel really sad. But I know that she is in great care, and they said that the cancer is pretty profound, so I know she is where she needs to be right now…. Just hard

President and sister Garcia are watching over us, so they can figure out what to do, and, I am pretty sure that it is going to be for a short time because they were only called to fill in for them for about 10 days, so the whole situation is a little crazy. But all in all, I feel in peace because I know that the Lord is in charge. 

But today I will only have like 20 minutes to write because literally we were in the hospital all day!

Everything is going really well, this week was honestly hard emotionally because we found out the information about Sis. Tensor in our leadership counsel.  I love leadership training, but, with learning that info, plus trying to figure out a few problems with some sisters that I am over and teaching for two days, I am beat, happy but just a long couple of days with all that is going on.  Please keep Pres. Titensor and his wife in your prayers.  I really love them, and pray that I will be able to see them when I get home.  I am really happy though!! I have been learning a lot and really trying my best.

On a happier note, we have some great investigators!
We found a new family that asked us to come and 'bless their home' because they have been having some weird problems and so last week we went with a priesthood holder and it was weird, but they have been doing well lately and they came to church and yesterday they went to the visitor’s center in El DF and so we are happy for them!

 I want you all to know that I am super happy here, and I am trying my best to get a little better each day. I am going to have a great week, and right now I am going to watch out for my cute companion that got bit today:) I hope your week is great and please pray for President and his wife. They are great people that I love very much!!