Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Maddi's New Companion

Hi family and friends! 

Another week has passed by in Mexico! And the absoulte craziest thing happened. I am training a New Missionary! Her name is Hermana Santacruz, and she is really great. She is from Ecuador and is the sweetest person.  She does not speak any english and grew up in a valley of two volcanos.  She wants to work hard and we laugh a lot!!
We spent a lot of time this week teaching one of our investigators named Naomi, and she is preparing to be baptized in the end of thei month! It has really been a week of small miricles, and we are so greatful with our Heavenly Father.
I just want to share real quick how greatful I am to be serving a mission for the Church. If any of you, or your friends, or your children, or whoever are debating whether or not to serve, the best advice to give is something that my mission president says all the time, and it is to just get on your knees and plead for help. We have the gift of the Holy Ghost, a member of the Godhead, with us when we live worthily of his companionship. I know that he can give you confirmations, guidence, and we can truly know the will of The Lord through him. I am so happy to be in the mission, and it really is invaluable.

I hope that your week is fantastic, and I love you all.

La Hermana Beardall
Madison and Sister Santacruz

Madison with her new companion....that is the Mission President's wife
in the background

Letter from Maddi's Mission President

11 January 2016

Dear Beardall Family,

This letter is to inform you that your daughter, Sister Madison Jae Beardall, has been called to fill the assignment of Trainer in the Mexico Mexico City North Mission. She will have the responsibility to train, lift, inspire and elevate her new companion, Sister Santacruz Guajan, to a level acceptable to the Lord.

“And if any [wo]man among you be strong…let [her] take with [her] [her] that is weak, that [she] may be edified in all meekness, that [she] may become strong also.” (Doctrine and Covenants 84:106 emphasis added)

I cannot over emphasize the impact a Trainer has on her companion. We congratulate you on having such a fine daughter and thank you for having helped prepare such an excellent missionary. Please continue to pray fervently for her so that she will continue to seek, find and follow the guiding influence of the Lord.


President Todd Titensor

Mexico Mexico City North Mission