Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mexico rocks - Half way through the Mexico MTC

These are the materials we are provided
Every week I am absolutely amazed with what I learn, and how I am able to grow here at the CCM. The days feel like years here, but I feel like I was just here yesterday writing home! This week was filled with tender mercies for me, and I gained such a genuine adoration for prayer. Here at the MTC, prayer is so necessary and I know that it is the sole reason that I can keep it together most days. 

   It has been amazing to see not only my progress, but the progress of those in my district over the past three weeks! I love being able to develop such tight knit relationships with those in my district, and since there are only six of us in total, its easy to do. 

  We were able to have a really stellar lesson about Hope in relief soceiety on Sunday, and I thought about it all week. Hope is having the faith that the Lord will fit you to the task at hand. Hope is turning to Christ in times of diffucuilty. I was really able to apply that because its easy to feel overwhelmed here. I oftentimes question how in the world I am able to learn Spanish in just 6 weeks, but then I have been able to think about the divinity of my specific call to Mexico City. 
Very excited to get to the my mission
It has been a thought that really motivates me to continue to study and progress here, even when I dont particularly want to! 

 So all of the North American missionaries are in the MTC for 6 weeks, while the Latino missionaries are only here for 10 days, but our little district lovvveeess all of the Latinos here! They are always so positive and love talking to us even though we have broken Spanish. They teach us funny slang words and we help them out with English. It has been such a fun experience here! 

All in all, this week was so good. I cannot believe how much I was truly able to learn within such a short period of time, and it gives me so much hope for the next week!

I love you all, and truly appreciate all of the sweet emails, thoughts, and prayers that are sent my way!

All my Love, 
Hermana Madison Beardall