Monday, November 21, 2016

Miracles in His work!!

Well in this week I learned a lot. We have been working our tails off and seeing tons of miricles.

During a companion exchange, I was with the first sister I trained in the mission. It was super cool, and it was fun to be together again for a little bit! 

One of the things that stresses me the very most is when we are in exchanges and appointments fall through. So when lessons fall through we contact people in the street! 

So Tuesday at like 7, there we were, with fallen appointments, we decided to begin contacting. We found this young kid walking in the street with a hoodie that had a huge 'K' on the front. We decided that he would be our next go. As we began talking to him, he told us that his name was Kevin (and we solved the mistery of the 'K' hoodie) and told us that he was looking to become a better person and get closer to God. It was amazing! We took down his address (Causally we were in front of his house) and put an appointment for Friday at 8. So Friday comes around and we were in exchanges again, and I was like super excited for the lesson and everything. We made sure to get there on time, and it was a FIRE lesson.  I love thinking that they are just being reminded of the things that they already know. Such a pretty spirit filled the room. He accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 31 of December, and we are super happy. Miracles happen when we put our part in. At the beginning of my mission it was hard for me to just start talking about religion with people in the street, mostly because they just wanted to argue, but now I love it!(not arguing, contacting:) It was a big miracle this week! 

Also, during the sacrememt meeting I had to go to the bathroom urgently and so I asked my companion if we could slip out real quick, and just as we had left the chaple, we heard people saying 'hermanas esperanse!!' So we waited up for an elderly couple. As they approached us, the man introduced himself as Hermano Frias, and Gloria, they are friends. He told us that he had come from Puebla, another state, to introduce his friend to the church and bring her to the services one Sunday. It was amazing, and Gloria told us about how much she wants to learn and how good she felt to be able to come to church. Another miricle!!

Lastly, the Rivera Family, who I love very much are going to be baptized in December! Their date is for 17, and we are super happy and excited for them. Jesus and Janet are not married (yet..) and Jesus is quitting smoking to be able to be baptized. I love them and they are a great blessing for me!

All in all, the mission is truly the best. It is something that brings me so much joy, even thought it is really hard sometimes, the goodness of the Lord is always over us. I am eternally grateful to be His servant and to help His children come back to him!

I Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Hermana Beardall