Monday, August 22, 2016

Good news....bad news....

Hey everyone! 

We are writing early today because we just got back from Cuautitlan, for a foot appointment that I had at 9!

Bad news, that it is totally back and they are gonig to try to freeze it off.
Good news, they think they know what it is.... planters wart and nothing more!!

All here is well, I have been working extremely hard this week, and we had few results. Last night, our district/zone leader brought the whip down on us because no one is coming to church, but I really do believe that The Lord works through us in misterious ways and that my companion has been a large part of my assignment right now in Gazelem. He spoke really strongly, which I am just trying really hard to be humble and take it on the chin. He asked me if I am just waiting out or suffering through this transfer. Uh, rude. But it's alright, I can definitly work harder this week!

Anyways, things are going slow here, but we have to keep working on!! I truly am trying so hard, and miss you very much. Last night I was a little bit just dowe and wanted my mom and dad to be here with me and to tell me that everything is alright, but I think that it is an important part of being a missionary. 

All in all, everything is well.