Monday, September 12, 2016


Hey everyone! 

I am going to be transferred!! Crazinesssssss….Bosques del Lago.

So they are transferring me to Bosques with Hna Carillo. She is from El Salvador, and I am going to be a Sister Training Leader! Crazy!! I am really really excited. I am taking the place of my trainer (hna Chavez) and am so happy and excited!!

I really do not know anything about the area, but I hope it has lots of hills to walk! My companion will be great. She has been the companion of hna Brady, my MTC companion,  and I have done exchanges with her before too!! It will be fun. I will be doing exchanges with sisters now!!  This is how the Church described the role when they created it not too long ago:

            “Sister training leaders will be responsible for the training and welfare of  female             missionaries assigned to them and will be members of and     participate in, the new mission leadership council. Assistants to the president and zone leaders will also participate in the council, and those roles will remain unchanged. Missions will continue to be organized by zones and districts, with district leaders being responsible for baptismal interviews, but the mission leadership council will replace the zone leader council.
            Sister training leaders will continue to proselytise and will also spend time each week    training and evaluating the needs of female missionaries. They will report directly to the            mission president on the needs of sister missionaries. Additionally, the wives of mission             presidents are now being asked to play an enhanced role in training and caring for sister            missionaries, subject to their individual and family circumstances.”

The area is in the CITYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! So excited. I don't know very much about it, but it will all be a good change. HLC (hermanas lideres capacitadoras) are the ones who do exchanges, we will go do studies with sisters who are struggling, and give talks in zone conferences. I will be a capactiadora for the rest of my mission now!

So I am packing everything right now. It is awful considering we wash almost everything by hand. Tomorrow at 10 in the offices are the transfers!! 

I am really excited. It is going to be great. A little nervous for pure fact of the unknown, but not like bad nervous. I am really happy! Happy to serve.:)

I love you all!!

Letter from Maddi's Mission President - Sister Leader Trainer

12 September 2016

Dear Beardall Family,

We desire to inform you that your daughter Madison Jae Beardall has been assigned as a new Sister Trainer Leader in the Mexico City North Mission. Hermana Beardall , along with her companionEster Margarita Carrillo,  will serve over the many sisters in their area.

The Sister Trainer Leader has a unique responsibility. She must help her assigned sisters to understand the level of excellence required in the service of the Lord. They must demonstrate by example, obedience, hard work and instruction, the best kind of missionary labor. This is a great responsibility and requires the best leadership qualities of missionary training. Your daughter will train other sister missionaries with love and inspiration.

Congratulations on your daughter's new assignment, and the great qualities she brings to the Lord's work. She has developed great faith in Christ. Please continue to pray and correspond with her as she fulfills her new responsibility. Your encouragement, love, and support will give her confidence as she continues to progress in the service of our God.


President Todd Titensor

Misión México Ciudad de México Norte
Calle Mira Lirio # 69 Col. CumbriaCuautitlán Izcalli, Edo. de México 54740