Monday, March 7, 2016

Experiences you never forget!!

 Hi family and friends! I really hope all is well with everyone. I miss you all a lot. 

It's been about three weeks since the baptism of Naomi, and we have been working really hard to find the prepared people of Joyas to bring to the gospel!! 

We had house inspections last week... and don't worry, we managed to clean the house the night before, get to bed on time, and PASS!! It was stressful, but I think that we didn't have too much to worry about in the first place compared to some of the Elders' houses....:)

The truth is, is that being a missionary is amazing! It's the most gratifying experience, even when things usually don't go as planned. We had a really blessed week, but the most impressionable experience of the week was actually with an inactive member of the church. 

There are many different expierences that one never ever forgets in the mission. This week we had a few of those. We had a lesson with Rocio, who has been a member of the Church her whole life. She found a nice guy, converted him, and they were sealed in the temple. They then worked in the temple for about two years, and had one son, who now is 11 years old. The sad part about all of it is that now, Rocio dosent even want to hear about the Church. She told us that she is not interested in talking, even less coming back to church. 

Situations like this have been a struggle for me for my entire mission. I believe it's because I truly love The Gospel of Jesus Christ so much. I know that we all face problems, and lots of trials every day, but the only true source of peace in this life is within the Gospel. Even though I want to just tell her how much she personally matters to not only us, but to many people in the church, we simply testified that one day, we will have the opportunity to be accountable of all our actions here. How well we kept the commandments, how faithful we were to the convenants that we made with your Father. I know that there is so much mercy that will be given in that day, but also, I know how imortant that our covenants are. 

And so, even though it was a sad little moment for my companion and myself, it was also a huge testimony builder for me. To those who have made sacred covenants through baptism, and even more elevated covenants in the temple, I invite you to think and ponder about the greatness of them. Our Father in Heaven wants us to succeed. He wants us to keep these commandments, and in fact is pleading with us to do so. He has SO many blessings in store for us, and I love how it is said in DyC 78:17. We cannot understand the blessings that he has prepared for us!! 

So, sweet family and friends, keep the commandments! Say your prayers. Always trust in him. Read Doctrine and Covenants 78:17-18. He will guide us. I have so much faith in him, and know that we are all his children, working twoards the same salvation. 

I pray for you, morning and night.
Hold strong this week my family and friends!!!

Love, Hermana Beardall