Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Letter to Madison's Mission President


As we were able to connect with Madison this week we learned she will transferred to Hildago with a new companion. She was very excited and looking forward to the opportunity. As we talked as a family at the end of the day, and discussed the week ahead for Madison, the following crystallized in my mind:    She be moving to a new state to live, the exact city yet to be shared,  with a person she has never met before, all coordinated by individuals that Lanni and I have never met.... all happening down in the foreign country of Mexico!!

The rehearsal of this could bring a level of anxiety or apprehension for your first born daughter. But, as we said family prayer following this discussion with the other kids, there was a quiet peace that gave the assurance that all is well and will continue to be so. Having a child serve a mission has called upon faith and trust that I never used when I myself served.

The reason I share this is because it is important to me, that you know what I know.

I know that the Lord has a prophet on the earth today, and to this prophet He shares his will and desire. I know that at some point there was prayerful consideration as to who should be the Mission President of the Mexico City North Mission. I know it was through revelation that you and your wife were called as a result of this prayer. In turn, I believe that you are seeking the Lord's will and desire as you consider assignments and areas for Madison.  This ensures that she is where the Lord would have her be. It is this funnel of revelation, from a prophet being called in these latter days - to Madison serving in Hildago, that brings the trust and assurance that all will be well.

Thank you, to you and your family, for your faithful service that blesses many lives, including Madison's.

Armel and Lanni Beardall

Monday, March 28, 2016

Transfer to Hildago

I am so happy to tell you that I will now be serving in the state of Hildago. I am going to be training again, and opening a new area named Gazalem. I am really excited!!!

Everybody congregates in the Mission Offices. Its actually really fun. We, as trainers have a meeting earlier, and then we get paried up with the missionaries. Then (remember when I got to the mission?') we will eat pizza and listen to the testimonies of those who are going home, and then yeah, we head out!! 

Hopefully the bishop or one of the ward leaders will be there to pick us up and show us whats what and where we will be living.  Such an adventure and one that is guided by the Lord, could one ask for more???

The Lord keeps a special eye out for us. I really used to feel unsafe sometimes, but I have really just dedicated all my trust that He will make sure that we are allright always. I love love love being a missionary. I love you guys so much, and we will have a lot to catch up on next week when i am in HILDAGO!!!