Monday, March 14, 2016

I am so grateful to know the people here....

Hi Family and friends!

Mexico is so beautiful. The people are super genuine, and it's been a week full of work. As missionaries, I truly feel like we cannot ask for anything more than work. We work, and we trust. There are two sections in Doctrine and Covenants that are the same, except for the names. They are the sections 15 and 16. Take a minute to read those two, and really, the greatest joy that can come into our lives, is sharing the Gospel! It is something that truly makes me happy. 

I am so greatful to know the people here, and to really develop relationships with those who are learining the truth. Something that I never imagined before the mission (which now seems logical) is having to stop teaching investigators who are not progressing. It is one of the hardest things that I feel we will do in the mission. As you all know, I love people. I love getting to know new people, and we have one of our investigators who simply is not working towards her salvation. Long story short, it has been hard to let people go, and fall back into thier lives without the Gospel. But it stresses such an important and truly amazing doctrine, that salvation is PERSONAL. We will all be judged for our own works, and for our desires of our hearts, and no person can influence that final judgement. Its something is really a huge gift, but puts an enfasis on the important things. 

So, sweet fam and friends, work out your own salvation this week. That sounds hefty, but there are the little things that we can do, because we know its through the little things, that great things are brought to pass. Remember, that this life is to prepare to meet God. And how amazing is that?? We can become who he wants us to be, if we work it out for ourselves, and then of course, give the things we cant handle over to him. Read Alma 34:31-32. The day is TODAY! 

So the challange that I have for you, is to think about the things we are not doing too well in... Maybe its searching the scriptures daily, maybe its more honest prayers. I dont know, but we all have a little list, and sometimes big lists, of things we need to do better. So the challenge is:

1.identify those things
2. apply verse 31 and repent for not doing them as we should
3. put for the extra effort and do those things!! 

I know that the Gospel is one of work, but through that work, we are immensily blessed. I love you all, and I have such a profound love for the Gospel that it is something very close to my heart.   When people do not want to live it, it is difficult because of the peace I know it brings. Please live it and feel the reedeeming peace that it brings. 

Love you all!
Hermana Beardall
ps. I ate chicken feet this week.:)
"We bought these on the street and brought them home
for a snack...."