Monday, December 14, 2015

Hi Dad, 

It's alright that you can't write today. I really hope that your presentation is great today and I said a little prayer for you when I read your email. I am super excited to hear all about the christmas boxes this year, and I am definitley going to print off this weeks!! 
This week was really cool because we got to see two of the dedicatory sessions of the Temple in Tijuana! I really loved two talks. The temple president is the son of President Hinkley, and his wife gave a little talk in spanish, and it made me feel like I can speak spanish better. Even though her spanish words sounded a lot like english, It was so amazing to hear her bear her cute testimony, and have the true humility that comes with speaking a foreign language. 

Another talk that I loved was about inviting more holiness into our lives. I think I like a lot of frilly words, and this totally caught my attention. Referencs to holy things are mentioned 265 times (holy scriptures, holy prophets, holy temple, holy God...) and its amazing! The fact that is mentioned so many times and that the scriptures say that we need to 'practice' holiness is an indication that we dont have it right now, at least not in its fulness. And so, I want to set a little goal to try and have a more consecrated, holy week this week. We totally can, and we can 'be holy unto him, because he is holy?. Moses 6 (i think) 

One of my favorite scriptures that I have been studying this week is DyC 93. It is a prophecy of John.. about how even the Holy Son of God did not recieve the fullness... but grace for grace. I love that concept, and even though I am tyring my little heart out every day here in crazy Mexico, I know that its enough. I have such a confidence that it is simplly enough. Another homework for you and the fam: In this ensign of December there is an article by Todd D. Christofferson, that is called Peace, be still (or something like that) Its really short, but super powerful and i ripped it out and hung it above my bed with all my precious pics of you guys. :) 

I hope you have such a great week, and want to quickly bear my testimony. I really know that this church is the true church on the earth today. We have the same teachings and principles that Jesus taught, without blemish, and that is pretty amazing. I love the happiness that the church brings me and really know that Jesus Christ is the one person that will never leave our side. We share all of our joys as well as our sorrows with Him, and through that we are truly never alone in this journey. 

I love the doctirne of agency. I love that we need to work out our own salvation, and we have been given all of the opportunities to do just that in this life. I hope that we can continue to press forward and when we have done all we can do, to stand still with the upmost assurety to see the arm of God in our lives. (Dyc 123:17)

I love you so much dad!! 

Have a great week!!

Maddi Jae