Monday, September 19, 2016

I ate some bugs, I ate some grass...and a huge black dog bit my hand today…. hand is so swollen

Everything is fine. Just if the dog dies in 8 to 10 days I’ll have to go to the hospital because he may have had rabies. But all is well! I am in a new area and I think tht I am going to lose weight here.....TONS OF HILLLSSSS

We have a lot of great investigators. I am really happy. The companion is super sassy but now we are going to be doing intercambios every two days so all is well!
All is well. My foot is bascially feeling all better but the wart is holding strong so that is pretty annoying.  I promise my hand is not that big of a deal, it juts kills. The problem is that it is a little deep. But, they put a stitch in it and it will get better quick!

And the area is great we had 8 investigadors come to church on Sunday. There is a new 20 year old that is so prepared I cannot even believe it. We extended a baptismal date and he said it made him so happy that we extended a date. So that was great. We are really happy. It is only with the companino sometimes responds rudely to what I ask her but its cause I don’t know anything about the area and it is huge!

The dog bit me at like 1 and so we were caught up with that for a little bit. For that we got on late today. But I cried embarrassingly a lot and so that is fine! I just didn’t want to be with strangers that were like members and everything but like I don’t know them and so it was sad. They gave me a lemon to suck on to take off the shock and so I am a literal LEMON SUCKER. Like Gordon b Hinckley said, I am one of them
I love the mission but sometimes Mexico is literally just too much to handle. But I love it.!!!!

I love you lots. I am really happy to be here, and I just feel good and really accomplished. It is a pretty great feeling. And tell Kinley to write me!!