Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Beans for Thanksgiving....
How are you all?? I really missed Thanksgiving this week.:) 

I have something great to tell you, we went to the Visitor’s Center on Saturday! It was so great, and we had 5 of our investigators there too!! 

Hermano Marcos is great! He has a baptismal date for 26 of December, and is really excited to get baptized. We have had a lot of really cool lessons with him, and he always likes to share a scripture with us during our lessons:) He is super great, and I think that he is going to be such a great impact for our ward!

Another one of our investigators is named Ariceli, and the missionaries before us found her family and began teaching them in March of this year. They are all really great, and her oldest son that is 24 years old was baptized about 3 months ago. She has been super resistant to baptism, and we had kind of a slam-down lesson with her. We left the lesson feeling a little nervous that we were too bold, but when we came back for another lesson, in the first like 5 minutes, she told us that she wanted to be baptized! The spirit can totally change people. She wants to surprise her daughter for her birthday (because her daughter, Marisella, really wants to be baptized) and be baptized in January. Super cool!!

Maddi's investigators - not sure who is who - taken at
Mexico City Temple Visitor's Center
Another one of our investigators, Brenda, is the really young lady (23) with 3 kids. She has been totally a blessing for us, and we love teaching her! She just needs to get married and then we will be good to go with her:) 

Another one of our favorite times is when we have lessons with the Family Hernandez. They are a less active family of like 5 years, super young, but have totally changed, and have been coming to church every wee for the past four weeks! They are really an awesome little family, and I am so happy to know them!

Its been a busy week, but really special too!!

Also, we saw a guy on a motorcycle get hit by a car yesterday, and it was probably the scariest thing that I have ever seen. The car didn’t stop or anything, and that was equally as bad. The really great thing is that he wasn’t hurt or anything....yeah it was a little crazzzzyyyy!!!

Thank you so much you guys! I really miss you, but I know that I am completely different here, the changes are so real!! We can become so great in this life, but we definitely need to work at it!!

Love you all, and will talk to you in a week!!:):)

Hermana Beardall