Monday, March 21, 2016

I got my package!!

We are doing really well. 

Emmanuel and Lupita are our primary focus. Brenda now doesnt want to answer her phone or open her door to us, so that was hard for me but, The Lord knows her time. 

Emmanuel and Lupita have three daughters, two of which can be baptized, and so we are really moving foreward with them. I am really happy for them because they are really becoming converted to the Gospel. I am sad that we have transfers in one week because I really want to see everything work out for them! 

We are really working so hard, and trying so hard to move the work forward. Its not easy! I want to be really honest, it was something really hard for me to accept that we weren´t having baptisms, and still its hard when we are not totally having that type of success.  But, i really realized all of the success that we are having, and how much more I need to trust in the Lord. Its hard for me still, but I know that He will make things happen in His own time! This is HIS church, and he wants his children to make those binding covenants with him. 

My DL called us last monday in the night and I guess they had to go to the offices last week and picked up my package!  I was so excited and thank you so much for the picture books.  They really are the most precious things I have on my mission.  I really o love you all and appreciate all of your support!