Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hola family and friends! I truly hope that you're all hanging in there and moving forward in huge strides!! I truly miss you and am grateful for experiences every day. 

Madison had an interview at the Mission Home and was able to
see her MTC companion, Sister Brady
I cannot believe that its Thanksgiving this week! I mean, that doesnt really hold too much sentiment here, but its a big milestone for the mish!! 

We are so blessed here, and our efforts do not go unnoticed. This week, we were able to have some really great lessons with our investigatores. We have crazy busy afternoons, and its been great to have investagatores develop a testimony for themselves here. 

One thing that really touched me this week is a lesson with our first convert, named Maria de La Luz. She is about 60, and lives alone, during the lesson, she just poured her heart to us about how great of an influence we are in her life, not because we are missionaries, but because we are truly her friend. I really have developed such a sweet love for her, and am so greatful for not only friends back in the US, but my sweet new friends here in Mexico. 

This week has been a great week for me to develop dilligence, and to always put my trust in the Lord, and then not worry about the outcome of things. I know that when we are doing the things we are supposed to, and truly putting forth our best efforts every day, the Lord blesses us. 

I love you all, and love recieving your emails of encouragement and love, 

Have a great week!!

Hermana Beardall

Today for P-Day Maddi and her companion
made bread at the church, she said it was
not very good......
Another shot of the bad bread

Sister Chavez

Taco stand for lunch, 150 pesos, $4.30 for both of them!