Monday, January 25, 2016

No connection made this week...

Mom, dad, so sorry, I hope you are getting these emails!! I don't have any e-mails at all this week and hope everything is ok.

I have been trying to email you guys for like this whole time because its one of my favorite times every week... And I dont know whats going on! Hopefully you guys are all alright. I miss you a lot. 

I am doing really well, but I am a little sad cause I couldnt talk with you guys.... 

The new companion is really good. We get along a lot better than Hna Chavez, in truth. We are working really hard.

We are just working like crazy. We found lists of old members-less actives- and investigators in our house and are trying to just work on those and kind of fiugre out who is still here, and we have a goal of 30 lessons this week. 

We are going to be having a baptism on Sunday!!  We are so excited and working our tails off so that everything can just work out smoothly.

I just want everything to work out. I want to meet all of our goals, sooo bad. Its been like a fine week, but I just feel like I can actually express what I am feeling with you guys more.....I am trying to just be happy and upbeat all the time with my companion, but its honestly been a litttle hard this week, and like writing with you guys is just like a huge exhale. I have only 3 minutes, but thank you guys for everything. I have been studying the bible along with those vids, and its been amazing. I love love love Matt 10:32:  

"Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven."

It makes everything okay, I have such a love for my Savior!