Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Zone conference, a wedding and I tripped....again.

Hey everyone. I had a great week this week, how about you guys?? I am excited to catch up, cause we had some great things happen this week! 

This week, we had our zone conference, exchanges with the lady Brady, and Cinthia, our investgador, got married!

We had such a fun time. We  bought potato chips that are flavored habenero pepper and had a competicion eating them. I have a video of it, but its too long to send. I lost. 

Things have been going really well with her, it has been such a great learning experience for me! The companion is going fine, she writes mean things about me to her family, which I sometimes see her doing when we are writing home, but hey, what can you do? Transfers are in TWO WEEEEKKKKSS!! I am excited, I hope I get transfered.

Well, something funny is I fell, again. We were running to the house to get home at 9, and there  was a hose that I forgot about that our owners put to water their grass, and because it was dark, I took a little spill, which included my skirt flying up to my head. So that was good. Also, we have killed like 4 cockroaches this week. They scare me really bad. :) 

We bought a cake with the temple on it for our investigator that got married, and it was so great. I am so happy for them. Cinthia is going to get baptized in two weeks! 

IT is really hot. When we went on exchanges, i got burned bad. If you look at the pics that i send, i bunrnt only the side that isnt covered by my bag when we walk!!

We have been working really hard, and I really have learned a lot here. I need so much more patience and to just be more accepting, but I love the work so much. 

The Church is amazing, even though there are many distinct problems here, there are many blessings that we see here every day!

Love you all!!