Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A week to remember!!

Okay, so lots happened this week. First off, I had a total 'you'll never forget this experience for the rest of your life' experience. There are lots of types of these in the mission. Lots of spiritual experiences, lots of cool moments when the investigators 'get it' experiences, but also, there are the…..  'you are sick to death and accidentally throw up in the middle of a conversation (and a little bit on everyone’s shoes)' experiences. I had one of those this week.  Can you believe that?

We were just talking to one of our investigators, and then I just felt it coming. I was sooo sick for all of the first part of the week, but I felt a lot better after.
I got a blessing and we went home and I was out like a light. I feel a ton better now! I am doing pretty good. Just working working working!! Its been good. Trying to find new people, trying to be good little missionaries!!

I just sent a pic of our district with one of our new investigators. Her name is Elis, and she doesn’t have money and does have tons of problems with her husband. We have been trying to visit her lots, but haven’t had a lot of success as of late. We are working though!!

Another Family that is investigating the Church is the familia Barerra. They have a son that is the only member of his family, and is serving a mission in Guadalajara. SUPER COOL!! The family is not all about the church, but we are working with them!!

And the next baptism the we are going to have is with Brenda. She is the young mom that’s pregnant. SHE IS CONVERTED!!! The lessons have been amazing with her, and right now we are just trying to put together a wedding so that she can be baptized. The problem is that her husband works super far away from her home and is only home for like a weekend every month. She is so converted and its amazing and we love her so much. Ill send pics of us together. 

I got my step counter to work! We walk like 9 miles every day!!!

All in all, everything is good!

Love you all-

Hermana Beardall