Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Naomi Ake Gonzalez is a member of the Church!!

Hi!!. We had the huge blessing to have a baptism yesterday!!! It was so spiritual, and I loved it. The Hermana Naomi Ake Gonzalez is a member of the church!! Wahoo!!  Is was such an incredible experience to be part of teaching her the gospel.  She has no idea the great blessings that are in store for her as she now has the gospel in her life. 

My companion and I really get along super well. I think that something is happening in her family, but she dosent want to talk or tell me about it. But we get a long a TON better than with my first companion. We are always joking around and talking in Vosotros. Its like in Spanish there is a casual form to conjugate all the verbs, a formal form, and then like super formal, and that’s the form that’s in the scriptures. Its super funny to speak in and we are always talking in Vosotros. It sounds dumb now that I am writing it, but we think its pretty funny. 

This week, we had our zone conference! It is always a little sad when we have to report in front of everyone that we did not meet our baptizimal goal for the week. We have been working really hard, and have been really focusing on the 'estandardes de excelencia' that our mission president has set. One of them is to have 30 lessons every week, and all of them with members present in the lessons. It was definitely a really high standard, considering the Elders in our district have usually like 15 lessons every week. So in our weekly planning, we got down on our knees, and offered a prayer to be able to set goals that we could reach, and to have progression in them with our investigators.

 We worked so hard this week, and I am so happy to say that we (almost) reached our goal and had 28 lessons this week!! It was really hard, but we really put forth all our efforts, and everything really did work out for our success. I can testify that we had The Lord beside us every day this week.

Love you all!