Monday, November 9, 2015

It's Totally an Attitude Thing!

Week of Nov 9th, 2015

Madison had the opportunity to do exchanges with Hermana from Utah this past week.  She was so excited to learn and grow from this cute sister and to finally speak English with someoneJ  She had this to say about how she is adjusting to being a missionary:

“Serving in Mexico is so much fun!! Its totally an atitude thing, and I dont want to be a sad person here. I mean, this is my life for the next little bit, and so I really want to learn, and enjoy ,and experience all of it while I can!!!”

  We had a nice little surprise from Hermana Wible letting us know how there day went.  I know that Madison is learning so much and is truly loving the people of Mexico.  Thanks to such amazing sisters, she is becoming a wonderful little missionary herself. Here is the letter from Hermana Wible:

My name is Hermana Wible and I am serving here in the same misión as your daughter!! I have 16 months in the misión and I am from Orem Utah :)
On friday I went on exchanges with her!
I just wanted to write you to let you know that your daughter is an AMAZINGGGGG missionary!!!
she is working soo hard and is really learning the language so well!! She is so happy all the time and we willing to serve and love others.
She has soo much love for her family, she told me so much about you :)
thank you for supporting her and loving her :) keep encouraging her!!

thank you for having such a wonderful daughter :)

Hermana Wible
Hermana Beardall with Hermana Wible
Thanks for everything, I love you all so much, 

Hermana Beardall