Monday, December 19, 2016

Baptism before Christmas

Hey all, I am doing really well. We had TWO baptisms on Saturday, it was a MIRICLE!!

Abinadi, on the far left is an investigator that joined the
Church last December, he baptized both of them
They are the couple that got married, and then they got baptized. They are so prepared. They both got up to bare their testimonies yesterday because they wanted to and asked the bishop if they could. We love them so much! It is a little hard because my companion being new to the area really hasn’t had the opportunity to like get to know them or really love them but I am happy because they both changed so much! I will send pics over right now!! This week we are tying to get things put together to make a trip down to the visitors Center for Christmas!

I think it will be a good Christmas, and I am happy and i really love the area that I am in. I hope that they don't change me for my last transfer in the mission.... I really love the people here!!

Also, our new president got here this week!! President Urrea.  I haven’t met him yet, but I am happy and I think that he is going to do many great things. I am happy because I think that the changes are for the good of all of us and I trust a lot that we are going to progress a lot her!

For Christmas Eve we have to be in early at like 7 but the members love us here and so I think that they are going to probably bring us food to our house to eat and then on Sunday, well, we are going to eat and then we are going to talk and probably and visit people!

YES!!!! The package got here, but I can’t open it till our Christmas devotional which is on the 23rd. I was thinking more in the evening, like last year! Like at 6 we are going to hop on and we have 45 minutes to talk! 

I love you all and hope you have a great week!