Monday, November 16, 2015

I am so happy, honestly the mission is so great!!!

This week was really great! 

I am so happy. Honestly, the mission is so great!!!

We have a new investigator with a baptismal date!! We have a tooonnnn of work with less active members, and I really love it!

We have a family of all girls that are investigators, and they have a really tough living situation, and its really difficult. So its totally normal to live with your parents for your whole life here. Its a little crazy, but this family lives with their parents and the mom is single, but the grandma is totally apposed to the church, and its been a little iffy with her. Last week we went to visit them and only the grandma was home, but we sang a hymn with her, and it was really spiritual and cool! 

Also we have an investigator that is basically the best. In lessons he shares scriptures with us instead of the other way around, and its been so so cool to see the change in his life in only one month as an investigator of the church! 

its awesome here because everyone is So willing to talk about God, religion, and Jesus Christ. When we ask how peoples days are, they always respond with 'thanks to my god, I have been blessed today'. Its really cool! And the BOM really resonates with many many people here. A lot of people are already baptized into whatever Christian religion, and so they don’t really understand why they need to be baptized again. They love God, they 'follow' Jesus, so why baptism again??

The restoration is really important to explain with super simple words, also the priesthood. Its a lot of fun!

The language is going super slooowww. But, the great thing is is that I totally know that I am trying my very best, and being as obedient as possible, and so I know that I am worthy of those blessings!! Its been super humbling. I know the gift of tongues is soo real. 

Physically, I am exhausted. I don’t really sleep at night, because I have really crazy dreams a lot of the time. Other than that, I am really really happy!! 

Also, I got my hair cut today........ Dad, you would have died in this hair cutting place. They’re called Estiticas here, and they are all over the place. My haircut was 50 pesos, and so I guess I really can’t expect too much..:) Its a little.. well different than what I wanted. Turns out men who cut hair here in Mexico do basically what they want to. Its just all my dead ends are gone! He also layered the back a little bit…….. I hate it so much!!

I actually have grown to love the apartment. We hand wash our clothes for the most part, but they have little laundry business that do all your laundry for 15 pesos every kilo (2.2 lbs) and so that’s crazy cheap. The problem is that we don’t have tons of money to spend from the mission. 

I actually have loved washing all my clothes by hand!! Its really relaxing.:) 

I really am so grateful for all of the love and support! My time is up here, but I love you and hope your week is really great, take care, and know that I love you so much!!!!