Monday, December 21, 2015

It's almost Christmas!!!

Hi guys!!! I am here. We had a good week, worked really hard, but we have been having some crazy trials here! I know that it is not because of my obedience or dilligence, but it has been really really difficult.

So we have a family of investigators that all want to be baptized, but have had a really hard time with just progressing. The daughter is 14 years old and wants to be baptized so badly, but we have been working with the mom for the entire time we have been here, and like three weeks ago she told us that she wanted to be baptized, but wanted it to be a surprise for her daughter, for her birthday which is in the second week of January. We were so excited!! I think i told you guys a little bit about this, and so we have been visiting her tons and trying just to prepare her for baptism, but she just hasn't been reading the BOM, and never really has had an interest in it. 

Soo on Friday night, we went to go visit her and we found her daughter was there, but her mom wastn. We had a member with us and so we started talking to her, and we decided to put a date for her baptism with her. This is like the first green light on baptism that she has ever heard, because before her mom was super against baptism and the whole shabang. Soooo, in order for us to teach her, she has to be progressing, and defined in Preach my gospel, a progressing investagator is one who has a baptismal date. So, of course we put a date with her!!

Like twenty minutes later, we get a call from the mom saying that she is livid because she wanted to tell her daughter, and not us. Let me be super clear, we did not tell the daughter, who still does not know that the mom wants to be baptized. All in all, the mom told us to stop seeing her and that she doesnt want to be baptized anymore. 
The most crazy hard week of my life. we have been trying to visit her, and talk and explain why we needed to establish a date for baptsm, and nothing more!!