Monday, November 14, 2016

A sudden change in Mission President....

So this week was a good one. We had the final meeting with President Titensor before he returns back to the States to help Sister Titensor begin her cancer treatments.  I cried, but, it was a good closure though.  He is such a father figure to me, and now with the new President, it is a lot different. Howerver, I do feel like everything is super good we are happy and healthy. 

The new Pres name is President Garcia, he is from the state of Queretaro which is a neighboring state. They ended their mission in July, and so I don’t think that they are going to be staying here very long. I think everything will work out well, and I know I just need to continue the faith and realize that he is now the person in charge here. 

One exciting thing for me is we are going to have a baptism in two weeks!! We are super excited and finding a lot of new people to teach. We have been so happy and I am really loving the people here. Our bishop is great. This last week, a missionary that served here about a year ago came back to visit with her husband (CRAZY THAT SHE IS NOW MARRIED) and it made me so excited for one day to come back and visit too!

The Mission life is moving right along – even though everything is going well and now moving a little quicker, it makes me realize how important to work hard and finish well.

As far as an update on our dog bites, mine has healed up nicely, and fortunately the dog that bit both me and my companion didn’t die. This is good, because it means that it didn’t have rabiesJ One problem though, and that is, my companions dog bites got infected this week!  So nurse Beardall was squeezing puss out of belly bites every night. It was interesting. I will say that maybe I made her suffer, just a bit, because I put iodine and that water that fizzes on her scabs. But it took the infection out so all is well!

Mom you asked me about the all the street dogs, so here’s a bit about them: there are tons!!!  We love them for the most part. We have a street dog that is named Jack Reggie that lives on the same street as some investigators. We always bring him food. :) There are some pretty cute dogs in the street, but also some that are seriously sad and some funny and scary ones, too. Some have lost like eyes or feet because they fight a ton in the nights. It is a rule that we can’t have pets in our homes, but if we could I think that I maybe would have brought some home by nowJ 

The work is going well too and we have another baptism. She is one of our members wife. Her name is Sara and she is really cute. She is only 18 but has a baby that was born in august. They got married, and she has been coming to church and wanting to learn and know for herself and so we are happy for her! Today we have an appointment with her and it’s going to be great we are going to talk about her baptism. 

Annndd new things about my mission::::

-       Little Mexican kids are the best. There is a family of members that I love so much that they have 5 kids under 8 years old. And they are sooo sweet. They always want to talk in English with me and we have a lot of fun together. We love when we can eat at their house. :) 

-       Creepy bugs and rats. Well, I think that the grossest things are that the street dogs always hunt down, and eat rats. But like the HUGE type of rats and so in the mornings there are usually a bunch of dead rats outside into he street.

-       Lots of crazy weird things have happened to me, and some scary ones too I guess. I think that the adversary works hard to scare us or investigators about what they are doing. It really is so stupid but there have been a couple of crazy experiences as well with all that jazz. I think that the best day that I have had on the mission has been maybe 15 of September?? I was in Gazalem and the ward was going to have a party to celebrate. We asked permission and president gave us to go and bring investigators. IT WAS CRAZY. It was a fun evening and we brought like 8 investigators to the event. Also we have had all of our appointments not fall through, which are amazing days. One day we had like 4 lessons in less than 3 hours with members and everything present. It was a pretty day. I really just love the mission. The days are sometimes really longs but it is soo worth it.

-       jaj mom. Mexico is literally crazy town. But, I love it I think that I will miss the most people that whistle at me because they think I’m pretty. KIDDINGGGG!!!

I will miss being with the people. I will miss having the authority to promise blessings. I will miss a full hour of scripture study and then another hour and then another hour. I will also miss being in missionary meetings or contacting rude people in the street. I will miss the Street food which gives me special powers to walk all day:)

So I heard that we have a new president of the United States?? Every single Mexican somehow gets angry at me for that...

It really actually surprises me. Why did he win?? And will I be able to come back to the US????? Kidding but really. Is he going to pass a lot of laws or something=?

Mom, you should definitely become a citizen. Hah I really didn’t know or even pay attention to the dates but I definitely heard about it the day after. The Mexicans are like super worried. It is crazy because everyone we talk to always says to me that they have an aunt or an uncle or a cousin or whatever that lives there. It is actually a little worrying, but I am not too worried about all that right now.

That is so cute miller was worried about me being able to come home because Trump wants to build a wall between Mexico and USA.  Tell him, I’ll make it back ok.  Such a cute boy, and tell him I miss him a lot!

Well, just a few more thoughts:  I think that the mission is the most perfect opportunity to help others and as we help others we learn to appreciate what we have in our lives. I love you guys so much and I consider myself as someone who is highly blessed by The Lord to have a family that is so supportive and active in the Church and really just a family of good people. THANK YOU!!!

Thank you all for your support and love, I am trying hard!! I am happy that you are all doing well. Is there anything that I can help with this week??

Also please tell Mason and Miller hi for me and also Taylor happy birthday for me if you see her!! I hope your week is fantastic and that you are all well.

Love you!