Monday, October 24, 2016

Pray for the power to obey!!

I am doing really well!

We were going to have a baptism on Saturday but it fell through, but we had like 7 investigators come to church so we are happy for that. Transfers are tomorrow but we don't have any, so we are going to stay the same for another transfer more! Hermana Santacruz, my first entranee, is going to be under our stewardship so it is going to be fun to do splits with her!!
The mornings no one really opens up to us so they are sometimes long. My companion was really angry this week for a couple days, but I really was trying hard to understand and listen to her, and she told me that it is just hard for her to accept her faults and so it was good and now we are on good terms. It is just sometimes hard when you can’t choose who you want to be with

The investigator that did not get baptized is16 and is really good and we love her, but she has terrible friends and so yeah they have a little bit held her back but we are working hard with her. She knows what is good and what is bad and so I think that it is going to happen soon

And the huge problem that I have always had on the mission is that young couples who are not married but live together. It is super hard and we have two couples of investigators that are great but are not married and that is what is stopping them from being baptized. 

It is frustrating sometimes because they want to be baptized and get sealed in the temple and when we taught about the law of chastity, they asked us if they need to sleep in different beds until they get married or in different rooms. They are great people, but need to get going on it if they are going to get baptized soon! Also the brother is trying to quit smoking, and has done a great job, but needs to just like cut it off now so we are working hard with them. We had a family home evening last night in the home of some members with the two couples who aren’t married and they both have put goals and dates to do so,...

Once again come for me to log off. It is a bummer always, but i hope that you all have a good week and that we may all obey the Lord in all things:)