Monday, February 20, 2017

Final week!!!

Hi cute family, I am doing so well. I love being here and we had a great week, it seems as if I am not going to be having baptisms my last transfer, but I am actually really pleased with my work and the work of The Lord here in Tepeji.

I am really happy, I twisted my ankle yesterday pretty bad, but then I walked almost all day and I felt a lot better. I also got a lot better during the week from my brief stomach blast. I was dying last week exactly on Monday it started and I was throwing up until like Thursday.... but I decided to take a bunch of fiber drink to flush my stomach out, so that was really rough going but now I feel lots better. 

We are teaching a lot of young adults, like always. I really like the environment, and as I have been especially reflective lately, I was thinking about the baptism of Adrian, who was a super convert and his baptism was one of my happiest moments in my mission. He literally jumped out of the water after he was baptized (maybe cause the water was cold ooopppssss) But truly I know that the Lord loves those who accept the need for commandments. I know that young vibrant people are totally waiting for the Gospel to come and guide their lives. WHAT A BLESSING. 

I really like feel so so so blessed to be a missionary. To be honest, it took me a little while to truly love the work. There are a lot of hard things, and it’s not like those hard things have gradually gotten a lot easier for me, but I think that I have changed my attitude about life and really I am grateful to be here. 
So really, I feel really excited to be home, but also like a big responsibility. It is hard to explain it well, but I think that it is just leaving things that you love, but even more so here. I mean leaving home is really hard, and adjusting to things is really difficult at times, but really I am so happy to have served and I think that the bitter sweet feeling is evidence. It is really cool but it’s like jumping into cold water. But, everything is going to be fine.

I really want to be different, and I want to change. I think that I have changed a lot in the mission, but I think that one thing that I would like to change is not worrying. It is definitely not the easiest sometimes, but I don’t want to be like that anymore. 

I have been giving away my clothes... That sounds weirdJ!! I have been giving away all things that I am not using anymore. Thank you. I think that the only love that is greater than that I have for Mexicans is for my parents. I love u so much. I will really take that into account about the clothes. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS TO SEE THE THINGS I HAVE AQUIRED FOR YOU. You will love them. They are really just little things, but they are beautiful!!

Well.. it is going to be a pretty normal week, I am really excited to work actually, I packed a bunch today, so we are doing all really well so far!

I know, I am really just excited to finish strong. I think that everything will go really well. 

Really, thank you so much for your love and support. I think that the Lord really blesses us so much when we give ourselves over to him

Also, mom if you want to invite your family (tyler and jae) I would love to have them too. If not, well that is fine but if would be good to see everyone. I think that just being with you guys is going to be amazinggg. I am going to wear Mexican clothes off the plane, and that is all that is going to be said in regards to my clothing that day. 

I am really excited to be home and really just happy with life. Remember that poem that I sent to you guys a long time ago...? I think its still one of my favorite things it says: Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. So true, and I think better things are a coming!


Hermana Beardall