Monday, September 26, 2016

Investigators that are golden!!

I am doing really well. The ward is really different and basically everything is really different. I am learning a lot here and we have some investigators of true gold. They are so great and I love them! We walk a ton and also we are always running with our heads cut off. I have done my first splits and they are really fun and I am trying really hard to help the sisters. It really pushes me but I am happy!!
My first split with Sister Zarate. I went to the
area of Lomas for the day and it was great! 

The hand is all better now, and the dog still lives so i guess we are all good there!

Also and the foot I think is getting better...?? It hasn’t been bugging me nearly as much!

Just for the record, this was my last companion
I miss you guys a lot too, and I kind of hate writing sometimes because I leave with so much more things to say and feel like I am honestly terrible at expressing everything. Soooo many things happen each week and it is so crazy but I love it so much. But, I also miss you guys too . I feel like I will never get comfortable enough to feel like at home here. I think that is the way it is suppose to be, right?  We see so many things each week.

I am really happy, I am nervous sometimes because I have a ton of responsibility and my companion is great but doesn’t teach me anything and so I am learning a lot for my self and so that sometimes is stressful.