Thursday, October 8, 2015

CCM Semana 5

Hola Everyone! 

So this is my last email from the lovely Mexico MTC!! I don't think I could be any more excited. My mission is going to be picking us up bright and early Monday morning, and we will start being 'real' missionaries. 

In the words of Elder Holland, "Welcome to the work of Angles!"

This last week has been really great! I got to listen to General Conference, and was so spiritually uplifted during each session. I went into each session with several very specific questions, many of which were centered around how I can be a better tool in the hands of The Lord. I was able to receive many answers, and my resolve was strengthened greatly! I am so grateful for the opportunity to listen and apply the words of the Prophets, because I know they are the words of God. I loved so many talks during Conference, but one of my favorites was given by President Uchtdorf during the Women´s Session, which If you have not heard or read yet, I highly reccomend doing so! 
  His entire talk was basically a huge story, which was super great. One quote that stood out to me the most was ¨"It sounded like she knew God as an old friend". I have had such a transformation in my praying here, and truly rely on it to get me through my days. The times when I am able to offer supplication unto my Lord have become truly sacred times for me, no matter where or what time. I am striving to be a better representative of Jesus Christ every day, and I know through prayer I am able to come closer to him, and closer to that goal. That quote has ran through my mind many times since I was able to listen to that talk, and know that our Father in Heaven has a genuine concern or the "mundane details of our lives". I encourage each of you to kneel to your Father in Heaven, and share with him whats going on in your lives. I encourage you to humbly and specifically ask for certain blessings that you may need in your lives. I can testify that the power of prayer is real, and Father is waiting for us to only ask. 

  The rest of the week was pretty same-same, as we are preparing to enter into the field. My whole district is SO exited, but also really nervous. One  thing we like to do is play a little game called 'spin the disc'. Its going to be a little difficult to explain, but just try to imagine it. Also keep in mind that we have to be a little creative here at the MTC.:) 

Okay, so we have a set of CD-discs that are on a holder. ( You know the kind that have the pole that goes through the middle of each disk, and has a round bottom?? One of those. So the discs can freely spin. And then we drew a huge arrow on the top disc.) Spin the disc is basically missionary spin the bottle... you spin the top disc, and say 'this person is going to go bald on thier mission' or maybe something like 'this person is going to get extremely bad foot fungus on their mission!', and then whoever it lands on, the thing will happen to. We come up with some pretty funny ones and its my districts favorite game to play.:) 

I hope that you all are happy, and have a fantastic week. I love you all, and thank you for your support!

Hermana B