Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 2 in the Mexico City CCM

We were able to go to the temple today!

The session at the temple today was all in Spanish, and it was so cool. I had a really hard time saying everything in Spanish, but they had workers helping. It was just so good. It was cool to have a session of all missionaries. When we were done, we got to go to this a little store that's just a little bit aways from the temple and had a whole bunch of cool little trinkets, and a got a spanish CTR ring for less than a dollar. I lovve pesos.

 The Mexico City Temple was rededicated on Sunday, it was awesome. Both President Eyring as well as Elder Holland were there, and it was so cool to listen to them and know how close they were to us.
Taken from Deseret News
We were all really hoping they would drop in to say hi to all of the missionaries, but that wasn't the case I guess. 

On Saturday night, we got to watch a transmission of the Cultural Celebration. It was really interesting, and one of our teachers was in it dancing! His name is Hermano Silva, and he is the most funny latino I have meet thus far. We always make up twitter handles for him in class, cause we want him to get a twitter. He is a great teacher and awesome latin dancer!

The language has been so so hard for me, and I really am not good at it. I am for sure progressing though. We had to teach for the first time in all Spanish just two days after we arrived at the MTC, which gave me enough anxiety to last my lifetime. We teach every day, and starting this week, we teach in the morning and the night. We teach our teachers, which sounds kind of weird, but it is so good, because they know where we are at with our Spanish. Its really hard, and has been such a humbling thing for me to try and understand and speak a new language. I am really excited for the day when I can understand all of class, or all of a devotional. But for now, I usually can pick out enough words to understand the message of things. 

Classes are so much fun, but they are all day every day. It is really easy to become unfocused or discouaged. (especially because my comp. is really good at spanish. She took four years of it in school, so its a given that shes ovbiously better than me, but its still hard.) We usually have breakfast at 7:00, then at 7:30, we have class which goes until noon, when we have a lunch break, then have one more hour of class before we get gym time (which I totally love) and then go back to class till 9:30. The days are so so loong. 

 It's been really good to get to know Hermana Brady! She's a really good girl, and I love her. 

Also, today is the equvillant of the Fourth of July here in Mexico, last night was an absoulte madhouse. This morning, we went outside of our house and picked up bullets that people had just shot into the air last night and they had come into the CCM. There was blaring music, like repeated speeches, and mariachi bands playing alll night. It was so much fun during the day too because there were TONSS of fireworks and gunshots and just such loud noises going all day long. It was such a fun day here!!! VIVA LA MEXICOOOOOOOOO

The food is pretty gross most times. Some days they cater in Pizza from Costco, which is basically mana. We have rice and beans out at every meal, but those are hit and miss too. They put mashed potatoes on their sandwithes...its bizarre. You never really know what youre going to get here! Today for lunch they had these taquitos that were baked with beef in them, and they had this avocado verde salsa on them too, and those were pretty good. 

All in all, it has been a good week, I am grateful to be learning and pray that I will be ready in a couple of weeks!!

Love you all!!