Monday, October 3, 2016

Sooo happy!!!!

Hey everyone!! How are you??

Today we went to Teotuicican!!!!!! It was awesome. We had a blast, and everything is going well here. I am super happppyyyy, the dog bite is better now, and I am just happy. We are going to have a baptism on the 15

It is a historical ruin site that is not in the mission but we have permission one time during the mission to go and so today we went!! It was a blast. Tons of stairs. And the investigator is one that we began teaching together when I first got here. He is 20 and is named Adrian. He is great and super chosen. Super quick and a great person. We are really excited for him!! And yes, we got to watch all the sessions! They were all in Spanish..

I really loved conference. I think that they talked so well about our responsibility as missionaries, and really about being valiant in our testimonies. It is so important that we do so and also that we are always applying the atonement in our lives. LOVED ITTTT

We went with two recent converts who are so great. They are named Sarah and Abinadi  and we love them so muchooooo!!!

I love your letters,  I print them off and have time to read them over during the week. It always gives me something to do to keep me grounded in my Utah customs. I really do like it because I love how you guys write.  You guys do write differently. Like little words that I now have forgotten and stuff like that. It’s weird.

The companion is so much better. We are both strong-headed so we sometimes bonk on that but we get along well. She loves to dance and so we say the prayer at 10 30 and turn off the lights but we are always dancing. I got ahold of a bunch of new songs of the children’s hymns but they are like upbeat and so it is pretty fun. And splits are awesome. I love it. I love knowing people more, and this week was my first zone conference and we taught! It was a lot of fun. 

Okay so these are a bunch of pics from today and the conference. We ate tortas (mexican super sandwiches) on Saturday and they were huge and really yummy, and mom would have gotten mad because we bought them off the street but hey all is for the most part well with the stomach. only a little bit of direah!!