Monday, August 1, 2016

Turning 20 in Mexico!!

Hi family, no transfers.

I am not too worried!! Just its a lot of time in the same place. 

My foot is still healing, there is still a little scab, but all is good. I am worried because it hurts a lot, but I know it is because they didn't take the stinking thing out! I will be fine I think, but it is a bummer a little bit. I definitely do not want to operate on it or do anything more to it for that matter. I am just going to stick it out a little bit on that front.  At the end of everything, they didn't take out the part that is bothering me, and so it is super logical that It is going to keep bothering me for a little bit while I finish out my mission! I have a lot of faith that I will be able to do what I need to out here without doing anything more to my foot. But, sincerely thank you so much for your concern, I know that it worries you guys a lot, but I think that I will be fine. I haven’t said anything to president because it is really not something that interests me... going to the hospital again::::) 

And yeah, it is actually really really frusterating. I feel like I have to muster up so much excitement to get through every day, and to just be good. I feel like I am running everythign by myself, which is also hard. But, I really don't want to be bitter, because that is ridiculous. I mean being upset because they haven't changed me while i am on a misson?? That is crazy. And so, I am really really good. I dont't want to be incontent for something as small as this!! I really really want to push those feelings aside and work. 

The week was really  hard, but lots and lots of contacting. I felt horrible a couple nights ago (just like overwhelmed I think with everything, because sometimes that happenes) and decided to call the President and talk to him and really just let it all out. I sometimes feel like I have to hold everything in. I just want to be a good missionary and have success. But, what he said to me is that the Lord views success very differently from us sometimes. We need to align our will with His and we will feel true joy

Somethings that are so true here 

1. It is literally only one transfer more. I think I can handle it.

2. We decide how much we are going to learn with what He gives to us. 

Last night I truly felt badly because I wanted to be transferred, not because I hate it here, but only because I know that I am not in align with the will of The Lord. I am working on it though.

We have some new investigadors…

A new investigator is named Betty. She is 20, and married. She wants to know more about the church and accepted a baptismal date!! Wahoo. We met her because we were with an hermana that went with us to visit one day and out of the blue told us that she wanted to buy cheese (random...??) and so we said, “well if you need to let’s stop at this little store.” So, we get out of the car and she goes into the little store (and us as missionaries decided to take advantage of the situation, contacted the lady at the desk...Betty) The hermana buying the cheese asked if they had cheese, and said, :where I am, they make cheese from scratch, and then sell it in the little stores”  This sister tried like 8 different cheeses and after every one, make this awful face because she didn't like it or something. It was so embarrassing.  So that was the funniest thing that happened this week I think. But the good thing is that we found a new investigator through it!