Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Funerals, Fireworks, and Really Gross Food

Hey everyone!!
Let me preface by saying how truly grateful I am for all of your support, emails, and thoughts. 
I know that I am never alone here. I love P-Days! There truly like Christmas. I love reading whats going on in your lives, and its a huge privedge to write all of you!

Elder's from her Zone that just left  
I have been in the CCM for a month now. I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by, and how much I have been blessed to learn both linguistically as well as spiritually.  
The CCM is such a fun place to be, espically at night. The MTC is situated basically in the middle of the slummy part of Mexico City, and so you really hear everything. 
The other night someone was totally killing a rendition of With or Without You by U2 on Karyoke. Its so fun to hear some of the night life here! 
Madison's Companion is Sister Brady

  To those who believe that Mexico is continually warm, its definitley not. The mornings here have started to get super cold, and I am not prepared for that weather in the least! I will be purchasing some warmer jackets once I get out into the feild. 

Man, this week was a great week! Life here at the CCM is really pretty monotonous, and every day is essentially the same...(Language, Study, Teach, Lanugage....) but, its totally alright becuase I only have 12 days left here! 

One thing that I love is that we get some pretty cool opportunities to see things here that I would never watch at home. For example, we got to watch the Mexico City Temple Dedication and Cultural Celebration a couple weeks ago, and this week we got the chance to watch the Funeral Services for Richard G. Scott, who passed away last week.
That was oddly enough on of my highlights of this week! I loved all of the things that were said, and it was so great to be able to hear an Apostle pray. Elder Holland gave the opening prayer and Elder Ballard gave the closing. It was really cool, because I dont think that I have ever just heard an Apostle pray. It was really great so see how much they really meant and chose specific words to say. Also, the services were all in English, which is just a general positive anyways. The talks that were given during the service were so great as well. It was such a hopeful funeral, and it was such a comforting thought that Elder Scott was reunited with his wife after 20 years. It was said so many times that he loved his wife so so much, and it was such a great blessing for them to be together again. Another thing that I have thought a lot about is how awesome the Celestial Kingdom is going to be.  I am so excited to meet all of my ancestors and have such a sweet reunion in the Celestial Kingdom, and know that this important priciple is what I am trying to convey and teach to the sweet people of Mexico. 

Speaking of the people, I know that I have talked a little about the natives before, but I just want to say how much I love the Latino people. I know that I was called because of these people. They only are in the CCM for 10 days at a time, and it is always sad to say goodbye because they are so loving and are so sweet to us, even though our Spanish is horrendous. 

Last night, as we were walking home, we got to see an all out firework show! It was super cool, even though I have no idea why they were having a total firework show on a regular Tuesday night. I have learned that you can do whatever, whenever here in the City. Its such a fun an upbeat enviroment, and I cant wait to get out into the feid! 

I have had such a great experience here, and feel like the 'older' kids here at the CCM now, which is always a good feeling. I am totally relishing in it, because I know that the second I hit the feild, i'm a gringa:) 

I hope that you all have a great week, and hope every one of you knows that we have a Father in Heaven who is acutely concerned about the monotenous details in your lives. Express your love, concerns, and doubts to Him through sincere and specific prayer, and I know that you will recive great blessings in your lives!

I love you all, 
Hermana Maddi Beardall