Monday, July 25, 2016

Planting seeds and eating intestines....

I am doing well.  The week was good, but we have had to drop a lot of investigators lately, but the good thing that we have been doing a TON is CONTACTING!!! Wahoo!! It actually is fun. I really have been able to gain a huge testimony of whta I have been called to do. 

Everything is going really well. I am happy. I hope you didn’t get too worried with the pics, but it made me laugh because it was INSANE. There was like a kid Mason’s age that had this huge knife and while his brother held the wings of the chicken they would just slice his little head off!! And it is really true, that they move a ton when they don’t have a head. You have to hold the wings because if they break you can’t eat the meat. It goes bad and the blood goes into it i guess..??? It is all a little crazy here1

And the most crazy part is that they eat EVERYTHING. They don't let anything go to waste. I ate intestine, and a ton of things. It is really cool, because they cook it in the ground. It is amazing here!! It does to some point gross me out, but I really do just want to enjoy everything here.

I think that I have developed the immune system of a mexican. I love mexican food so much. It is delicious. Even though it sometimes sounds gross, it ends up being pretty good. You guys should look up Nopales. they are cactuses, and it is like a staple food here. It is awesome to loose weight, but right now in like July/August time there are fruits that are called Tunas that are soooo good. All you got to do is take the spines off and eat it!

And yeah the work is coming along well. I think that I am the missionary not with the most baptisms, but definitely I am in the rankings for reactivating. I love it. At first it was really hard for me to have patience with menosactivos, but now, I love them so much, and to just help them realize their potential (as well as investigators!!) is amazing. We have had several families that are now coming to church, and we are working super super hard to find the ready to learn people of the Lord!!

So crazy story, we had a lesson with a new investigator, who is amazing. Her name is Alejandra. She has had a really hard couple of months. I just want to share it with you guys. 

She has two sons, and her husband just found out that he won’t have a job. Her son was sexually assaulted in his school about two months ago, and she has just found out that she has thyroid cancer. She has SO much faith in the Lord. I know that she is going to progress. We found her contacting in the street and she looked sad so I decided to talk to her. It is amazing how He puts people in out paths!!

It truly is amazing, what people suffer through. We are so blessed, but more than anything, we have faith, which is really such a propeller in our lives!!!

Guess what?? Like the whole mission, I have ben worried for not baptizing a ton, but I heard some really cool news last week, THAT INVESTIGATORS THAT I TAUGHT AND FOUND WITH H CHAVEZ AND H SANTACRUz GOT BAPTIZED!! That is what it’s all about, family! Putting in the effort and planting the seed.