Tuesday, January 31, 2017

P Day in the Temple

I am doing really well. We went to the temple today, it was literally the best and I love being there. I have been a little worried about things getting home, I have been praying a lot and basically I went to the temple with 3 questions today.

I felt a really strong impression of the hymn of The Lord is my Shepard. It says NO WANT SHALL I KNOW. I loved that and had the very distinct thought that the Lord will take care of me, He always has. 

My gringa companion - love her!
I hope you are all doing so well. I think that so many miracles happen every week, and I really am liking my area a lot. To tell you guys the truth, it has been hard being here, but I have found the good in everything I think. My companion is really sweet, but looses everything, so we get along super well..hehe I am happy to hear from you guys too. We got back super late from the Temple, and left at like 5 this morning, but we are safe and sound here again.

I am just happy and healthy and working hard. I am really worried still a little bit for those things when I get home. That is the honest truth but I know that I shouldn’t worry about it. I gotta go, but I LOVE YOU HAVE A GOOD WEEK!