Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Letter to Miller

MILLERRRRR! Hey dude!!

I love you little man. I  hope that you have a great week. I am thinking of a really importantn thing that I need to tell you. 

I hope that you listen lots to mom and dad. And that you are always a good little brother to your siblings. I know that the church is true, little man!!

I will write you more next week, I promiese. 

Letter to Mason


Hey dude, como estas? Te extraño. Espero que eses muy bien y que estas practicando tu espanollll

I want to give you a 'kick off the summer get going talk' so lets get to it. 

In the bible, Paul explains that our bodies are temples. Lots of times, we use this scripture when we are teaching people about the word of wisdom, or the law of chastity. That the Lord, in his mercy, has lended us bodies of flesh and bone to occupy while we are here to be tested and tried. 

This week, I have been able to really think about how we are our lifes greatest work. If you can maybe remember, the Salt Lake temple took like 40 years to build. It was really really hard work, and there were many trials that the new saints faced when they were constructing the temple. 

Now, maybe that is not super important for you to ponder about, but as your summer is starting, I hope that you can remember that scripture. That We are our lives greatest work. We are TEMPLES of GOD!! How amazing is that?? Always remember to read your Book of mormon this summer, and always think if your actions are helping you build your own temple. 

Have such a good week, mas, and always remember that I am praying for you!!

You are such a good example for Miller, and remember how important your example is for him. 

Mads:) 😘

Letter to MaKinley

Hi cute kiney bee!! 
I Miss you so so much. Congrats with finishing strong another year of school. 

The time flies so fast, really take a good couple of minutes to enjoy where you are and what you are doing. I remember super clearly when I was your age. Make sure to give thanks to our Father in Heaven, and really contemplate what he wants you to do during this time. 

Now, because I want you to be much more successful than I ever was, I want to give you a couple consejos (advice:):))) 

1. GO TO SUMMER SEMINARY: I regret that really bad. I hope that they have it. If not, take the initive to read your scriptures. I am sure mom and dad would help you a ton if you wanted to get together with the yougins in the ward and read the scriptures in the morning at like 7 like twice a week in the back yard. DO IT. The Lord will bless you. 

2. Don't get focused on boys. It is a waste of time. Just be good. Have a ton of fun and date, but dont be focused on that. 

3. Serve others. Write down every Sunday one thing that you will do in the upcoming week, and be acountable. Tell mom or dad or someone what you are going to do and then FOLLOW THROUGH. 

4. Always remember who you are, and why you are here. Kin, I love you so much. You are becoming such an awesome person and I cannot believe how much you are growing. Keep the faith, and really stirve to give it your all. A member that passed away not too long ago that lived in my area always said that today is the day to do the things we know we should do. Read Alma 34:32-33. Do not dely your repentance. We all need to repent every day. Dont wait till you need to do it. Ask mom and dad about when they went to clean the temple at night, itis so much better to do it daily and not wait till things are out of hand and dirty. 

Remember that I LOVE YOUUUUUU and miss you so much. 
As you are going to be away a lot this summer, reamember to be an example. Remember that he will sustain you through tribulations and difficultes. Be that light for someone else always. 
Love you tons Kin. I know that we are not perfect people, but I also know that our father in heaven loves us with all his heart might mind and strength. He wants us to return and live with him, and with our families. Be a good example to your hermanitos. You will be so blessed. Obey mom and dad. Remember that everything happens in the Lord's perfect timing. 

Dyc 64:32-34
Love, Mads 

We have had a good week!!

We have also had a good week. The missionary life is honestly just good. Some days, well, acutally all days, it is important to look for the good, but it is always there.  We had some ups and down's this week that have really brought a little bit of perspective into my life. 

1.We have investigators that are getting ready to get married! They have really worked everyhting out for theirselves, and the ward has really pitched in a ton to be able to take them to the medical stuff and they are going to give their papers to the bishop today! And so, we will be having a baptism hopefully in two weeks. Cinthia is super great, and we love her. 

2. We found new investigators. The Lord never forgets aobut us. Brisa, Damiris, Marina, and Jose are our new friends that we have found. We are so happy to have  the opportunity to teach them about the restored gospel. Pray lots for them, cause we are really trying to help them out. 

3. We visited the family that had their son pass away. It was really sad and they said that they are not interested in listening to what we have to say about where their son is. The Catholic church has really been a juge suppport for them in this time, and when we got there they were all sportin necklaces with saints and the Virgin. Really sad, but I know with time we will reach their hearts!!

4.THERE ARE COCKROACHES HERE. HUGE. COCKROACHES. Disgusting. They come up through our shower drain. So that has made for some traumatic nights in la casa de las misioneras.