Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We have had a good week!!

We have also had a good week. The missionary life is honestly just good. Some days, well, acutally all days, it is important to look for the good, but it is always there.  We had some ups and down's this week that have really brought a little bit of perspective into my life. 

1.We have investigators that are getting ready to get married! They have really worked everyhting out for theirselves, and the ward has really pitched in a ton to be able to take them to the medical stuff and they are going to give their papers to the bishop today! And so, we will be having a baptism hopefully in two weeks. Cinthia is super great, and we love her. 

2. We found new investigators. The Lord never forgets aobut us. Brisa, Damiris, Marina, and Jose are our new friends that we have found. We are so happy to have  the opportunity to teach them about the restored gospel. Pray lots for them, cause we are really trying to help them out. 

3. We visited the family that had their son pass away. It was really sad and they said that they are not interested in listening to what we have to say about where their son is. The Catholic church has really been a juge suppport for them in this time, and when we got there they were all sportin necklaces with saints and the Virgin. Really sad, but I know with time we will reach their hearts!!

4.THERE ARE COCKROACHES HERE. HUGE. COCKROACHES. Disgusting. They come up through our shower drain. So that has made for some traumatic nights in la casa de las misioneras. 

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