Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Letter to Mason


Hey dude, como estas? Te extraño. Espero que eses muy bien y que estas practicando tu espanollll

I want to give you a 'kick off the summer get going talk' so lets get to it. 

In the bible, Paul explains that our bodies are temples. Lots of times, we use this scripture when we are teaching people about the word of wisdom, or the law of chastity. That the Lord, in his mercy, has lended us bodies of flesh and bone to occupy while we are here to be tested and tried. 

This week, I have been able to really think about how we are our lifes greatest work. If you can maybe remember, the Salt Lake temple took like 40 years to build. It was really really hard work, and there were many trials that the new saints faced when they were constructing the temple. 

Now, maybe that is not super important for you to ponder about, but as your summer is starting, I hope that you can remember that scripture. That We are our lives greatest work. We are TEMPLES of GOD!! How amazing is that?? Always remember to read your Book of mormon this summer, and always think if your actions are helping you build your own temple. 

Have such a good week, mas, and always remember that I am praying for you!!

You are such a good example for Miller, and remember how important your example is for him. 

Mads:) 😘

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