Monday, March 28, 2016

Transfer to Hildago

I am so happy to tell you that I will now be serving in the state of Hildago. I am going to be training again, and opening a new area named Gazalem. I am really excited!!!

Everybody congregates in the Mission Offices. Its actually really fun. We, as trainers have a meeting earlier, and then we get paried up with the missionaries. Then (remember when I got to the mission?') we will eat pizza and listen to the testimonies of those who are going home, and then yeah, we head out!! 

Hopefully the bishop or one of the ward leaders will be there to pick us up and show us whats what and where we will be living.  Such an adventure and one that is guided by the Lord, could one ask for more???

The Lord keeps a special eye out for us. I really used to feel unsafe sometimes, but I have really just dedicated all my trust that He will make sure that we are allright always. I love love love being a missionary. I love you guys so much, and we will have a lot to catch up on next week when i am in HILDAGO!!! 


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