Monday, April 11, 2016

Response from Madison's Mission President

Good day Family Beardall,

What a treat and a blessing to have Sister Beardall in the mission. She is a delight to serve with, truthfully. Full of energy and faith as a missionary. She will train again. I trust her to do so with great commitment to mission rules, her covenants, and especially to the Lord and all that he expects of her. She will do wonderfully.

She is in the great city of Tula, the northern part of the mission.  There is great Mexican history in that area. Please see the story about the martyrs of Tula.

In addition, Desideria YaƱez - the first woman to join the Church in Mexico, was baptized about 1.5 hrs north of the city of Tula, also part of the mission in 1880. Moses Thatcher, et al, attempted to open a branch up in that area but were unable to do so.  In Sept 2015, a branch was created there.  We were delighted to send permanent missionaries into that area in over 100 yrs. There are descendants of Sister Yanez still in that area, one was baptized about a yr ago. The branch president there has taken over 120 names of her family to the temple, completing most of the work, but working to complete the rest over time.

Thank you for sharing your testimony.  We know the Lord is directing his work in all parts of the earth. We feel his hand frequently in the work and among the missionaries here. We know he is close.

Take care - we hope you enjoyed the conference. What a blessing.

Kind regards,
Pdte Titensor

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