Monday, February 13, 2017

Contacting on the combis

Helloooo cute family and friends,
I really hope all are found well this week. We had a fantastic week because well, we are missionaries. We have had so many blessings, and I would love to tell just one that happened to us this week.
Soo, one mission goal is to schedule appointments of 10 new people every day. It is sometimes really hard to do that, but to he to has faith, anything is possible... But to help us complete with the task every day we usually contact every single person on public transports. I remember that my mom and dad went to Tijuana before I left on my mission as they came home they told me that they had gotten into a big van and it scared them.. 

I think that is they best way to discribe combis. They are basically huge vans that tons of people get into to go short distances. We usually hand out cards about Christ, and then talk a little bit about our message and then we ask them if we can visit them. 

We had contacted a young family last week and we went to the appointment on Saturday evening. We spoke about the Preisthood and the Book of Mormon, when they showed us a copy that a family had given to them years earlier. It was amazing to see their faces as they understood in part what the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is. They accepted the invitation to be baptized on March 13, and I am so happy to have been able to be an instrument in the hands of The Lord so many times. 

I have a personal testimony of the scripture found in D&C 24:12 that if we open our mouthes in ever moment, we will be blessed with the words and The Spirit.
The best decision that I have made is coming on a Mission!! It is the best, and I know that we recieve so many blessings as we loose ourselves in the service of others.
Be well, 
Hermana Beardall

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  1. happy valentines day Maddi, on this day of love we need to let everyone know that the peace we feel in life comes from the love of god and not the anger that the world wants us to fall into. The godhead only wants and is love. peace I give unto you not that which the world gives but that which the father has for all his childern. Work hard to share this love with all you meet for all your life and you will become like the ancient ones who gave us life. Love you Gpa and gma Wolsey