Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Correspondence with Madison's Mission President

Dear President and Sister Titensor-                                                      Sunday, October 11th, 2015

I am writing on behalf of my wife and myself.  We are the parents of Sister Madison Beardall.  The thought behind reaching out is simply to share how special Madison is to us.  

While I know the Lamanites were a much more ferocious people, we have felt a little like King Mosiah in Mosiah 28:6-7 as he approached the Lord when his sons desired to serve.  Madison is the oldest of our four children and has brought a tremendous amount of joy to our lives and family.  She is ecstatic about her call and will bless so many as she serves in Mexico City! She loves the Lord and has a conviction that is borne of her personally seeking.

Simply, I write to share of our love for our daughter and to ask for your care and attention as she is under your stewardship.  I have a testimony of the gospel and  believe that you are both called of God  As such, I know I don’t need to personally ask for her to be watched over.  But, as we conclude today, knowing she is packed in the CCM and ready to head your way first thing in the morning, I could not sleep without knowing I have personally asked for you to love her, watch over her, and protect her.  She means the world to our little family!

We pray for you both and so appreciate the sacrifice your service demands from you personally as well as your family.  Thank you!!

Picture from the evening Madison was set apart
May God bless you, Madison and the people of Mexico City-


Armel and Lanni Beardall 

Good evening Bro/Sis Beardall,

Picture with President and Sister Titensor.  The
file name of the picture in the e-mal
was, "The Rescuers"
What a blessing and a treat for us to receive your daughter early in the morning. We have read her application paperwork and see the many things in which she has been involved. As I read, I could feel the Lord´s love for her.  She will be a tremendous blessing to her companions and the people here, members and non-members. So much work to do and I can see that she is faithful and has many experiences that will be a great help to her as she does the Lord´s work.  I am delighted that she is ecstatic about her call.

We look forward to serving with her.

Best regards,
President Titensor
Mexico City North Mission

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