Monday, April 11, 2016

Hot days and hard times...

It has been a good week. Humbling for sure! We are starting from zero here and have been working really hard. It was a hard week. But I have been doing alright.  I am learning a ton here. Firstly, I want to talk to you about Rafela. She is 75, she is a member, and her husband left her about 8 months ago. This sister has touched my life a ton in these past weeks. She LOVES to accompany the missionaries. She is in the best shape that I have ever seen a 75 year old be in, and she hauls when we are walking to appointments. We call her Rafiki. Like a little bit the monkey from Lion King. She is SO great. 

It is SOOO hot here.

My companion is cute, but not motivated. Like when I get up in the morning, its go time. We wake up early so that we are ready to get hustling at 6:30 to exercise. Really we only wake up 15 mins earlier. But after that, its  'listen to a conference talk and work out' time. But...the compa doesn’t quite get the get up and get moving part of the mornings. I am trying so hard. I hope that she will just adapt to everything!

She is scared to be on a mission. Everything scares her. I really understand a lot of it, especially being yanked out of comfy Utah and thrown into Mexico City. A good opportunity to be charitable.  She is just really quiet and reserved. She doesn't like to talk much in lessons, and she will not contact in the street. Its hard, but hey, like dad just said. If I am wondering or doubting why she is my companion, its a lot bigger than that doubt, Its a doubt in the revelation, which I do not have. But yeah, we are just working along! 

The area is REALLY tough. A totally growing opportunity for me.:) I know, we will be alright, but it has definitely been a struggle°!
Maddi's little day planner

The work is good. we travel to EL SALTO. (The salty. Okay didn’t even think of the translation until now. I’m dying laughing) which is like 10 minutes in Combi. The hardest part is that there is virtually no public transport, and so its really hard to get from one place to another. Where we live is like the burrow with all the members, and there only passes a combi every hour, and they stop passing to go back to our house at 7. It makes for hard days. 

It is SOOO hot here. Tons of walking, and our feet are so covered in dust by the end of the day!!

(Lani asked how Maddi's Spanish is coming along)

Mom, yeah, its amazing. I feel fluent. Obviously there are still a couple things that I don’t understand grammatically speaking, but seriously, the gift of tongues comes to those who work. Its amazing. I love Spanish!

Also, Favorite talk from conference. FAMILY COUNSILS: I hope you guys are applying that a lot. Also the talk about fathers struck home for me and I was bawling. I miss you lots, dad. But also, really love the family councils. We are going to have them when I get home (and hopefully you guys before that!!)

Also, dad,. you asked me how do we contact. We approach people in the street and just start talking with them!! Or in line at the grocery store, or in the combi, and we have little cards. I have a stack in the front of my agenda that I like to keep.

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