Thursday, June 30, 2016

Still here family! Just got out of the hospital.:)

Hi mom and dad, we just got to the house of the President, and this is where I will be for the next couple of days to make sure everything is healing up well.

We went into the hospital at 10, and had the appointment at 11. No worries, we made sure to get there early, and waited for the President's wife to go up to the docs waiting room.
The doctor took me in and cleaned up really well..(I think that I had a little bit of Conejos dust in there..:)) and then she injected it with a little bit of local anesthia. After that, she used a dermatology punch to take try and get a good portion of it out. The punch looked like a green pen with a mini cookie cutter on the end. It hurt a little bit at first and so I asked her to put a little more nummy juice and she did. After that it was just a little pressure and she then took the big tweezers things (the same ones that dad uses to pick out his ingrown toenails) to get the rest out. She put it in formaldehyde which smelled bad and then stitched it all back up! All in all, it took about an hour to do everything. 

President brought some crutches and they were all waiting for me when I came out. I felt like I was with you guys and felt a little like crying because I was super grateful that they were there. They really are just great people. I love them. So, I will be here, eating the yummy food of Hermana Titensor until Saturday I believe. 

I have my next appointment to take the stitches out next Saturday. Right now, It still doesn't hurt but we are starting on a couple meds. I actually just have one that is called Keflex and a cream to put on it called Fucidin, and also Ibuprofen. I feel good really appreciate all your love and support for me during this time. I know that The Lord puts the little stumbling blocks in our way, and as I am sitting at the presidents computre there is a little quote that says "Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistance." I have no worries and am happy to have everything fixed up!! 

I love you so much cute fam, and also I just thought that I should tell you that my next p day will be next Tuesday, because we are going to be going to the Temple that morning!! 

Love you, 

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