Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What to see a picture of my foot....

What to see a picture of my foot… So I think it has stayed pretty clean. When we went to the offices right after the surgery, I looked like a fool. I could not walk with crutches. President and his wife got a good kick out of me until I really almost fell down the stairs, then they started to get worried. BUT, all is super well. We traveled to the temple today so it is really swollen right now.  I don't think the surgeon should jump into plastic surgery anytime soon!!!  A bit scraggly with her stitches!!

So grateful for Madison's Mission President
and wife, they really love her!

President called me two nights ago, and told us we will be having emergency changes, and that a missionary that has been struggling quite a bit is going to be paired up with us for the rest of the transfer. I guess she has just had a really rough go with the mission, and that President felt like she needed to be with me but since I am not leaving to teach, he is going to put us in a threesome. 

I am excited/ but don't want to be in a trio...:) Hah I am sure it will be fine. It is totally an 'accepting the will of The Lord' situation. I don't want to stay in, but I am going to be staying in this week, so I think that there are a lot of great opportunities to help and forget myself. Umm and her name is Hna Laurias. She is from my generation, but I have a transfer more than her for the MTC. And it was cool what President said, that he had a really distinct impression to have me be paired up with her when I was staying at his house, which was really cool. Also Hermana Titensor said the same today in the temple. 
I know it will be a good time to reflect for sure. I have been trying so hard to be positive about everything and I really loved being in the temple today. The most important thing that we have in this life are temple covenants. They are so huge, and should consume a good part of our thought in all our actions. It was really cool today.

Thanks for all of your support, love you all!!

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