Monday, August 29, 2016

Letter to the youth in my ward

I was thinking the other day about when I was your age and facing some of the same things that probably that you are all facing right now. All the time I basically just wanted to get advice from someone who knew how to counsel me, and being on a mission, I think that I have come to understand a little bit more about that counsel. 

First, you should all know, that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He went below everything, and took upon Him our imperfections so that we might live fuller and purer lives. It is a knowledge that should push us to act. It is a knowldege that helps us be better. I remember well my days at Morgan High. I loved high school, but I think that all of you can take advantage of all of the people that need YOU guys every day. There are many that feel alone, who very likely do not have the same assurance that you have. They need to feel the savior's love in their lives, and each one of you are the means of that love! I love a scripture in Alma 17:11, where it says that we can become instruments in the hands of The Lord. That should be your greatest and highest goal right now. 

I promise you, as you are all starting up school once again, that if you believe, obey and act, The Lord will put someone in your path each day that you may be able to lift, sustain, and be a true friend for that person. I testify that we can be these types of people because we have the greatest example of all eternities to look to. We must look to Him and live. I know that He suffered personally for each one of us. A God, the God of all creations knows us personally and one by one. Good luck in school to all you young ones, and may you each have the blessings of The Restored Gospel fully in your lives. 

I pray and hope each  of you are well.

Sending much love from Mexico, 
Hermana Beardall

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