Monday, August 29, 2016

Not the time to slack...

The truth is that my foot is the most annoying thing that I have ever had in the world. It is on an area that I put weight on, it bothers me a ton. When I walk it hurts, but there is not a whole ton I can do. I think that going in may help just to keep it small or under control and when I get home we can get it taken care of. I am not worried about it at all, just annoyed by it. Wednesday at like 11is when I’m scheduled to go back, I am really not worried. I think that it is going to hurt a lot but I think it will all be good. 

Also, we went to EL DF, Federal District  THIS WEEEEEKKK!!! It was a blast. I went to renew my visa. Don't worry, they're not going to deport me yet.   It was really fun. We talked to people from everywhere. It was really fun, a little get away from small little Conejos. It is SO different from where I am. 

The companion is good, the day that I went to immigration, she was put with another companion for the day, and we got back at like 5 and they had not visited really anyone. We had like 4 appointments and they blew them all off.... it was frustrating. But yesterday we finally had a new investigator come to church and accept a baptismal date!! It was a good little pick me up!

They are two sisters, both young. and they are great. Anahi is 18 and Maria de Jesus is 15 and they are super interactive in lessons and really just bubbly. I love them.  And we found them because they have family that are members:) Members are a GOLD MINE. Give them References

But, something that is so important  is the basic things. It kills me when investigators do not do what we tell them to do (Read, pray...) IT IS SO IMPORTANT. This is not the time to slack. The Lord is moving forward with HIS work and he is letting those who want to and are willing to 'prove their covenants by sacrifice' will 'eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days' Dyc 64:36
It is so real, and sometimes we take it for granted. But, the promises are there. We need to be the ones to take advantage of what we have!!

Dad, thank you for sending me out with The Infinite Atonement. It is an amazing book and has helped me so much to understand more. I think that the correct word to describe me is ignorant, but I am working on that! With the lack of ignorance, comes the required action. So I am trying really hard to be better!!

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